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Life after divorce


Did you know that Hong Kong’s is ranked number 12 in the list of places where divorce is most common? With Hong Kong’s growing reputation as a “marriage graveyard”, something that Dr. Zaidi has previously written about, the divorce rates are on the rise but, there is life after divorce and it can be quite an exhilarating phase of your life.

Divorce is a major life change but it doesn’t always have to be an entirely negative experience. As Dr. Zaidi points out in this article on HK Hub, divorce can actually help you to build your resilience but for this, you need to give it time and be patient. Rebuilding your own identity is one of the important points in building your resilience at this stage of your life.

Read this article as featured on The HK Hub and find out what Dr. Zaidi has to say about life after divorce. Contact MindNLife today and find out how we can help you.

Dr. Quratulain Zaidi (BSc. Hons, MSc, MSc, PhD) is a mother and a member of the British Psychological Society and British Association Counselling & Psychotherapy and abides by the Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychology. She has lived in Hong Kong and Singapore for 12 years.  She specialises in assisting families with issues including parenting, teen issues, Cybersafety,  marriage guidance, post natal depression, stress and anxiety disorders, depression, bullying, eating disorders, OCD and self-harm. She is an expert in educational assessments and learning challenges in children, for example ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia and ASD.

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