Do New Year's Resolutions really work

Do New Year’s resolutions really work?

When we set big, overwhelming New Year’s resolutions, we also set up the expectation that we’re going to turn over an entirely new leaf and

Women sitting at her desk feeling overwhelmed

Five Ways to Feel Less Overwhelmed

Before the pandemic, Samantha was a social person. She would meet her friends and colleagues at least five times a week. Samantha would go to

Women walking in city looking at her phone

Reclaiming our Focus

There is no such thing as multitasking, only multi- failing! My children grew up hearing this from me almost every day. I’m passionate about raising

childhood trauma

Self-care Strategies to Manage Childhood Trauma

Childhood Trauma and Self-Care Childhood trauma is our reaction to deeply distressing experiences that overwhelm our physical and mental coping abilities as children. Traumatic experiences

Trauma and Covid-19

Trauma is our response to deeply distressing events that overwhelm our coping abilities. The global Covid-19 pandemic has brought about world-wide trauma, through the continuous

The Impact of Isolation

DR QURATULAIN ZAIDI of MindNLife looks at the mental challenges arising from the pandemic – in particular, for those facing quarantine – and where we might turn for some relief.

Understanding Anxiety

Since Covid-19 has taken over daily life, health and social anxiety has been on the rise as we adjust to a new way of living