Family Therapy, or Family Counselling, is aimed at helping family members resolve underlying conflicts by improving interactions and communications between the family members.

Family Counselling is not the same as Couples Counselling, as it involves all members of the family to work together, communicate and improve their interaction with their family members. Additionally, family therapy also differs from Individual Therapy as it looks at how individuals are reacting and being affected as a result of a change or an event that has affected the family as a whole.


Areas where our highly experienced Psychologists can provide expert individualised care and support through Psychotherapy and Counselling:


There are many ways in which families can benefit from therapy, especially when they experience events that may cause a strain in relationships. This can include:

  • A traumatic event or a change that has impacted the whole family
  • Loss of a family member
  • Conflict between parents
  • Divorce
  • Blended Family Issues
  • Domestic Violence
  • Problems faced by children at school

Another focus of Family Therapy is specifically on issues faced by children. This method of therapy can be especially effective with children as the issues faced by children are often interlinked with the problems in the family. Sometimes the difficulties a child faces can be due to academic learning difficulties or lack of attention (ADHD/ADD), or social difficulties due to developmental challenges like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or it can just be due to adjustment to a new environment.

Our psychologists work in partnership with teachers and families to conduct a full assessment. We then use the assessments to develop a plan for supporting the child in school and at home. Tailor made programs are available for social skills development and to help children overcome attention difficulties.

“It came to the point where her aggressive behaviour made it difficult for me to manage in a positive way. Dr. Zaidi helped both myself and my daughter cope positively with my daughter’s anger.”
S.C. - Mum and Marketing Executive

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