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Some say that Hong Kong is a marriage graveyard. But can a particular city really have an effect on your marriage? Moving to a new country, new job, new house and a new cultural experience can be exciting but having to leave behind familiar people and places will eventually take a toll on anyone. The pressure to succeed in a city like Hong Kong is very high and more often than not, this pressure leads to high levels of stress. Demanding jobs and big positions combined with the added challenge of being away from home can manifest itself in a variety of situations – one of the common ones being at home. Expat life can involve major dislocation and the morphing of marital roles, so it can be a time of great stress on a marriage. It is imperative for couples to be aware of the changes coming about in their marriage and deal with them before these feelings turn into resentment that cannot be resolved. Read this Expat Living Article to find out what Dr. Quratulain Zaidi has to say about marital issues faced by expats in Hong Kong.

Dr. Quratulain Zaidi (BSc. Hons, MSc, MSc, PhD) is a mother and a member of the British Psychological Society and British Association Counselling & Psychotherapy and abides by the Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychology. She has lived in Hong Kong and Singapore for 12 years.  She specialises in assisting families with issues including parenting, teen issues, Cybersafety,  marriage guidance, post natal depression, stress and anxiety disorders, depression, bullying, eating disorders, OCD and self-harm. She is an expert in educational assessments and learning challenges in children, for example ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia and ASD.


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