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MindNLife is a private psychology practice for the whole family.


“My 12 year old son was losing his motivation to do even small things like taking a shower, getting up in the morning and doing homework. Even fun things got problematic. Life seemed to challenge him a lot. After he saw Dr. Zaidi four times he changed his attitude totally. He now does everything on his own initiative and after six months I very rarely have to remind him – I only say “remember” what Quratulain told you” and he just does what he needs to. “

Mother of Three Children

My son was impulsive and didn’t understand the reason for his behaviours and because of his impulsive behaviours his peers disliked him. He saw Dr. Zaidi four times and I had to arrange to see who this magician was who had done magic on my son because he was so different. He is now in control of his impulsive behaviour because he understands it better. He gets invited to birthday parties and has a lot of friends.
Thank you Dr. Zaidi.”


“Hi Dr Zaidi we are both well. Thanks for all your help in letting us work out communication problems which led to our differences. Thanks so much again…”

Mr. and Mrs. N

“As you are well aware – Life is full of changes: some small, some major. As I was going through some significant changes in my life, I truly appreciated your consultation. It certainly helped to have someone with your experience to talk to, listen to and collaborate with. Your advice was the perfect mix of professional and empathetic. I learned that everyone goes through challenges and stages in acceptance of difficult situations. You helped me sort through things and accept what I cannot change. I appreciate your guidance around how to move forward, and what that looks like.
I am feeling stronger and more confident – Thanks for everything.”

K.M.N. Headmistress
Primary School Hong Kong

“I got my GCSE results today and I am very pleased and I just wanted to tell you because you’ve helped me improve my studying tactics by miles and I couldn’t have done it without you (11 A*s and 1 A!). Thank you very much for all your support over this time…”

16 Years Old

“Your insights into our relationship with technology and the discussion around the impact of this behaviour on our families and ourselves was very well received. As “cyber immigrants” your parenting tips to deal with these pressures / issues will be very useful.

Hong Kong Women’s Network Lunch and Learn
International Investment Bank

“I have had the good fortune to meet and work with Dr. Zaidi this year. She is a fabulous Psychologist, and an amazing person. She has supported families within my school, and the evidence of her work speaks for itself. I too have learned a lot from Dr. Zaidi personally and thank her for her kindness.”

Sarah O’Connor
Head of Department for Learning Enhancement Team
Wide Renaissance College, Hong Kong

“This was a genuinely helpful course, and one of the few I’ve taken that has actually shown me how to adapt my own behaviours around my kids in a way that benefits all of us and is actually achievable and sustainable. I feel calmer around my kids, and I notice my own (over-)reactions, so I can nip them in the bud. The guided meditations are extremely helpful for life in general, not just parenting. Overall, I truly recommend this course.”

Lawyer and Mother of Two Girls, 11 and 9

“I learnt a fresh approach to classroom and interacting with others more effectively. I have a greater understanding of methods of teaching and learning styles.”

Kindergarten Teacher, Hong Kong

“As the Principal of an international school in Hong Kong it is always important to be able to offer support services to a range of families and students. Dr. Zaidi has been working with the community of Japanese International School for several months now and we are delighted to have found someone who offers highly professional services with excellent interpersonal skills that suit our school and its wider community. Dr. Zaidi has worked with a range of student and their families and has received very positive feedback for her work, from teaching staff, students and parents. We are delighted that she continues to support our school community and value our excellent working relationship with her. I would most definitely recommend her to another school or community.”

Simon Walton, Principal
Japanese International School of Hong Kong

“In the workshop I learnt the tools necessary to deal with others to achieve a beneficial outcome for all.”

MOE, Program Manager
Professional Teacher Development Programs, Singapore

“Stress reduction is needed in the reception of a busy Doctors surgery and I learnt to calm myself down before I see a difficult patient. In the workshop presented by Dr. Zaidi, and even after two years, I still use the techniques she taught.”

M.P. Reception Manager
Doctors Surgery, London

“Very grateful for the work we did together, I really feel your practice, MindNLife is a safe and healing space for me to get back in touch with my trauma.  It feels like I finally switched back to seeing in colour from black and white. Thank you, Dr Zaidi.”

CT, Hong Kong

“I had my second baby in Singapore and I moved to Hong Kong and I hated it, I felt alone and miserable. I was suffering from Post Natal Depression and felt no connection with my baby either. With Dr. Zaidi’s help I was able to work through my sadness. The techniques Dr. Zaidi taught me were really helpful in getting me through the dark days and I was able to get back to my normal feelings within a period of few months. I would recommend Dr. Zaidi to anyone who feels sad and can do with help in managing their emotions especially after they have a baby.”

Mother of Two Children

“Dr. Zaidi guided me during a very difficult period of my life. She helped me getting through my divorce and showed me a way back from the dark side of life. With all her understanding and patience I connected with myself again and found a life that makes me happy. Dr. Zaidi is one of the most insightful persons I know. I can only recommend her deeply from my heart.”

Hong Kong

“Thanks to Dr. Zaidi’s professional and friendly approach, my home has become a calmer and happier place. My seven year old daughter was not able to manage her anger, especially with the two younger “annoying” sisters. She would lash out at them, if they annoyed her ever so slightly and the result would be screaming, crying and even the occasional shaking. Of course being the oldest the two younger sisters started to copy her behaviour. It came to the point where her aggressive behaviour made it difficult for me to manage in a positive way. Dr. Zaidi help both myself and my daughter cope positively with my daughter’s anger.

Dr. Zaidi taught her strategies on how to manage and express her anger without hurting the people around her. She now realises that it is ok to feel angry but there are ways of expressing it that does not hurt the people around her.

I highly recommend Dr. Zaidi as her approach is that a child learns to manage their anger themselves. After a relatively few sessions, she now has the tools and skills to manage her anger. “

Mum and Marketing Executive

“My eight year old daughter had been suffering anxiety attacks from a very early age. She would always cling to me at birthday parties, crying if I tried to make her join in. She hated us going out at night. She hated doing any new activities, and would get herself so worked up she would become hysterical. When she would finally calm down she would get upset at herself and think something was wrong with her.

Seeing Dr. Zaidi has been an amazing help for my daughter and myself. She has given her lots of coping mechanisms, such as teaching her to recognise the signs before panic sets in and how to stop it escalating. She has taught her to go to a ‘safe place’ to relax and calm down. It has given me an understanding of what my daughter has been going through, and a lot more patience to deal with it. Many Thanks Dr. Zaidi.”


“I have worked for over 20 years in education, working with mainstream Special Educational Needs students. In supporting those students, a good quality report from a Psychologist can make all the difference, providing clarity on a diagnosis and clear strategies for a way forward. I have worked with the many reports from Educational and Clinical Psychologists over the years and found Dr. Zaidi’s to be amongst the best. They are comprehensive, including work with the students themselves, input from parents and teachers, testing and interviews with the students as well as impressions gained over the time of assessment. They also go in depth in strategies that can help and support in school and at home. I would heartily recommend an assessment as part of the strategy for supporting a student struggling in any area of their life.”

Douglas Kidd, Head of Student Educational Needs
International College, Hong Kong

“After two previous parenting courses and countless parenting books I can finally say I have found an approach that works. Not only has the relationship with my children changed in so many positive ways but my outlook on parenting is different and hopeful. This course has not only given me parental guidance but techniques I can use everyday. Thank you”

Mother of Two Children

“Dr Zaidi is a responsible, dependable and a professional psychologist, who adopts a collaborative approach in helping her patients. She is a pleasure to work with and I know any patient will receive high-quality psychological treatment when I refer my patients to Dr Zaidi.

Private Practice in HK

“In the workshop I learnt the tools necessary to deal with others to achieve a beneficial outcome for all.”

Ministry of Education Program Manager
Professional Teacher Development Programs, Singapore

“From the workshop I learnt to communicate with children in class, friends and others better and I will use it at work, home and in the classroom.”

B. D. 
Primary School Teacher, Singapore


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