A kid smiling in camera

What to do when kids make bad jokes

We’ve all been there, a child makes a joke with words they don’t seem to understand and then the room is blanketed a few degrees

childhood trauma

Self-care Strategies to Manage Childhood Trauma

Childhood Trauma and Self-Care Childhood trauma is our reaction to deeply distressing experiences that overwhelm our physical and mental coping abilities as children. Traumatic experiences

My Child is Refusing Access; Now What?

Mary was struggling to get her children ready to see their father, Darren, every weekend. It was always the same story. Her twelve year old

Parent Child Reunification Therapy

How to improve parent child communication and relationship during families transition through Separation or Divorce… Every Friday evening, Matt would go to his ex-wife’s house

The Discipline Dilemma

Dr. Quratulain Zaidi  of MindNLife looks at society’s tendency to normalise the act of disciplining children by spanking them, and how we as parents can