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The Power of Social Skills

The Power of Social Skills

In today’s world, having good social skills is very important for children to be successful. It’s not just about academic performance – strong social skills

Individualised Online Therapy

Discover the Power of Individualised Online Therapy

As an experienced Clinical Psychologist, I understand that seeking therapy can be a significant decision. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or any

Beyond Boundaries

Beyond Boundaries

In the landscape of therapeutic interventions, the term “boundaries” has gained widespread popularity. In this article, Dr Quratulain Zaidi, of MindNLife explains why she’s reluctant

Do New Year's Resolutions really work

Do New Year’s resolutions really work?

When we set big, overwhelming New Year’s resolutions, we also set up the expectation that we’re going to turn over an entirely new leaf and

Noise Pollution and mental health

Can noise pollution effect our mental health?

Noise pollution is the spread of unwanted sounds into the environment. Even small increases in the level of ambient noise can have a significant effect.

Three female friends having coffee in a cafe

Dr Zaidi on Friendship

Every friendship evolves uniquely however research shows there are a few factors that help form and maintain friendships through the years:  these are accumulation, attention,

A woman sitting at her desk holding hands over eyes feeling burnt out

Feeling burnout in Hong Kong

As this year comes to an end, those of us in Hong Kong are facing mixed emotions. Primary among these may likely be burnout. Emotional

Women walking in city looking at her phone

Reclaiming our Focus

There is no such thing as multitasking, only multi- failing! My children grew up hearing this from me almost every day. I’m passionate about raising