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Do New Year's Resolutions really work

Do New Year’s resolutions really work?

When we set big, overwhelming New Year’s resolutions, we also set up the expectation that we’re going to turn over an entirely new leaf and

Children and emotions

Children and emotions

Children are innately emotional. From a young age, they go through various emotions like happiness, curiosity, sadness, and fear. Emotions serve an important function; we

Does EMDR work online?

Does EMDR work online?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a technique that uses eye movements. The eye movements are a form of bilateral stimulation that reduces the

divorce with dignity and respect

An Alternative to Conflict

The decision to end a marriage is challenging – and it kick-starts a cascade of events that require many more important decisions. One is how

Yes, it’s Possible to Leave a Narcissist

If you’re dating a narcissist, you might be experiencing narcissistic abuse. Leaving an abusive relationship is far from easy, as abusers will do anything to

RTHK Interview: Working From Home During Covid 19

Hosted by Jim Gould and Mike Rowse, RTHK’s Working Remotely; Government’s Clean-up Campaign episode in August featured MindnLife’s owner Dr. Zaidi. The episode was produced

Spot A Narcissist!

Dr. Quratulain Zaidi on the distinction between a normal narcissist and someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), and how to spot someone with the latter.