Marathon Couples Therapy is an innovative and highly successful approach to couple distress recovery that consists of 2 to 3 days in which you and your partner engage in intensive marital therapy for 4 or more hours per day with one of our highly trained and experienced therapists.

During your marathon, you work together with your therapist to learn new skills to:

  • Manage the conflict in the couple
  • Identify and deal with perpetual issues
  • Build a culture of fondness and admiration
  • Increase the knowledge of each other
  • Increase romance and intimacy
  • Identify roadblocks for trust and commitment
  • Foster a share meaning and purpose of the couple


This form of therapy allows the couple to deep dive into their relationship, increase the awareness of their main issues, learn and practice new skills to improve it. You will have time to talk in depth about the struggles and challenges of the relationship, process past injuries that have never healed, and time to understand how these injuries have impacted the relationship. You will learn and practice new communication skills to help you have more productive conversations.

The therapist will provide a safe and judgment free environment for both partners. Couples who have experienced this form of therapy usually describe it as « life-changing » and transformative. This therapy is proven to reduce couples distress, increase intimacy to lead to a more resilient and happy relationship.

Intensive Couples therapy is good for you if you are:

  • Experiencing a really stressful time in your relationship such as an affair or other types of betrayals, that require you to get immediate help.
  • Needing a condensed and highly focused intensive approach to complex issues.
  • Very busy and have difficulties setting aside time to go to weekly therapy sessions.
  • Traveling from abroad.


Phase 1: Pre-Marathon Assessment phase / Preparation/ INTAKE Process
A thorough assessment is necessary to develop an adequate treatment plan to meet the therapeutic goals and ensure that the therapist has an in-depth understanding of you and your specific relationship issues prior to the beginning of your session.

The assessment plan comprises an initial 75 min session with the the couple, followed by a set of questionnaires that we will email to each member of the couple and then a 50 min session with each individual.

These sessions will be scheduled following the couple and therapist availability.

Phase 2: Marathon Intensive Therapy

Therapeutic Process (2 to 3 days)

This is the treatment phase.Our Therapist will initially discuss the treatment plan and ensure you all share the same goals and understand the process. After that, she will help facilitate constructive conversations between the partners to create an understanding and connected relationship.

Following that session, the couple will have the opportunity to learn and practice new skills to change the old patterns of interaction.The couple will continue learning and applying new skills during the day. The therapist will facilitate conversations that will help to process and heal past hurts and will enable a new approach to unlock perpetual issues of the relationship.
The last session is designed to define a plan to apply the learned skills in order to improve their relationship in the areas that have proved to be challenging using the couple’s strengths.

Due to the intensity of this process, there will be regular breaks throughout the day including lunch and coffee breaks.

Phase 3: Follow Up
Ideally after the intensive Couples therapy, follow up sessions either face to face or by videoconferencing are advisable to help the couple to sustain the positive changes.

These sessions will be scheduled following the couple and therapist availability and the requirement suggested by the therapist.

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