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Navigating divorce with a neurodivergent child

Navigating divorce with a neurodivergent child

This article was originally published in Expat Living. Read the full article here. Neurodiverse children commonly face challenges with emotional regulation, executive functioning, self-esteem and belonging – all of which can be further impacted by divorce, affecting their sense of connection and belonging, according to DR QURATULAIN ZAIDI of MindNLife. Here she discusses how to … Read more

The Power of Social Skills

The Power of Social Skills

In today’s world, having good social skills is very important for children to be successful. It’s not just about academic performance – strong social skills give children valuable abilities. These help them build relationships, communicate well, and do well in different social situations. Social skills matter from the classroom to the playground, and into adulthood. … Read more

Will Divorce Affect My Child’s Sense of Security?

Will Divorce Affect My Child

It is common for people to stay together for their children. They fear that their child might come from a broken home. These ideas do make sense; divorce can be considered an adverse childhood experience. However, sometimes, getting a divorce is the safer option for your child. Domestic violence, abuse, neglect, and parental conflict can … Read more

Children and emotions

Children and emotions

Children are innately emotional. From a young age, they go through various emotions like happiness, curiosity, sadness, and fear. Emotions serve an important function; we need them to survive. Understanding and dealing with emotions is crucial for a child’s overall development and well-being. As parents, it is essential to create a supportive environment where children … Read more

How EMDR can help children process traumatic experiences

EMDR can help children process traumatic experiences

Children are vulnerable and can easily be traumatised by various events in their lives. Traumatic experiences can have a profound impact on a child’s development and well-being, leading to a range of symptoms such as mood disorders, anxiety, somatic complaints, and other stress-related problems. Fortunately, there are several therapeutic approaches specifically designed to help children … Read more

Relationships during a pandemic and the importance of maintaining them


The world hasn’t looked the same since early 2020. When life just started to return to some level of ‘normalcy’ in 2021, coronavirus showed us just how adaptable it could be with a new variant that brought with it different lockdown regulations here in Hong Kong. But the pandemic has also forced us to adapt … Read more

Understanding child therapy to better support your child’s needs


Three Differences about Child Therapy The process of child therapy has many distinct differences from that of adult therapy, and in order to better support someone going through child therapy, it is important to understand it.  If you are considering child therapy, or your young person has asked to speak to a therapist, here are … Read more