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Five Ways to Feel Less Overwhelmed

Women sitting at her desk feeling overwhelmed

Before the pandemic, Samantha was a social person. She would meet her friends and colleagues at least five times a week. Samantha would go to work, have her lunch break or a coffee break with someone, and then she would go for happy hour after work. Her kids were in school during the day and … Read more

How Creativity and Innovation Can Support Your Healing Journey

Healing from-creativity-and-innovation

EMDR Francine Shapiro created eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).  One day as she was walking and thinking, she noticed that her eyes were shifting back and forth, from left to right.   As her eyes moved, she felt less negative emotion when remembering her distressing memories.  She became curious and developed a therapy that … Read more

Which Type of Lonely are you?


If you were to google types of loneliness, you might be surprised at how many lonely types there are.  One loneliness researcher found eighty different types of loneliness.  Loneliness can range from existential loneliness to physical loneliness.  Any loneliness can lead to feeling unseen, unheard and unloved.  Here are some of the types of loneliness … Read more

What if, what if, what if…coping with stress, anxiety and overwhelm


Anxiety and what we can do to cope Stress and anxiety can be motivating and healthy in just the right amount. Think of it as a well-being scale. Too little stress and we don’t get anything done. Yet too much pressure keeps our nervous system on a drive without any brakes. When our bodies undergo … Read more

How Setting Healthy Boundaries Supports Your Wellbeing


Holiday Pressure Anna had decided this year she would not visit her family for the holidays. She knew for sure that she would be hearing about this for a while from her parents. She could hear it now, “How could you do this to me!” Her mom would shout. “You are so ungrateful. I have done … Read more

Tired? Sore? Inflamed? It might be your mental health

mental health

How our mental health is connected with physical symptoms Helena often felt like she had a chest infection. Her lungs felt tight, and she gasped for air. Was she suffering from pneumonia? When she visited the medical doctor, all her tests seemed to be normal. The doctor asked her, “What else is going on in your … Read more

How To Use Self-Compassion as a Form of Self-Care


Healing through Self-Compassion “I’m going to fail; I just know it,” Andrea thought to herself before she started preparing for her exam. Then, her anxiety started to worsen, and she struggled to focus.  Even though Andrea had done well in school, she always felt like she wasn’t good enough.   Andrea had just gotten out of … Read more