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RTHK Interview: Working From Home During Covid 19

Hosted by Jim Gould and Mike Rowse, RTHK’s Working Remotely; Government’s Clean-up Campaign episode in August featured MindnLife’s owner Dr. Zaidi. The episode was produced following an online survey conducted by the APA, which surveyed 1,000 remote workers in Hong Kong between March 26 and April 5 last year. The majority of employees working from … Read more

RTHK Interview: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after Covid 19

Hosted by Jim Gould and Paul Zimmerman, RTHK’s Covid Update episode in May featured MindnLife’s owner Dr. Zaidi. The episode was produced following a study by the Polytechnic University which found that 1 in 10 Hong Kong residents showed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the first year after the onset of the pandemic. … Read more

SCMP Article: Stuck in quarantine? Forget Being An Adult and Do Something Just For Fun

Checking into quarantine is not an experience many look forward to. Often, quarantine can be exhausting, and we may feel drained, overwhelmed or anxious being away from our loved ones. Dr Quratulain Zaidi shares how new activities and having fun may actually boost productivity, making quarantine just a bit more bearable.   Having fun during … Read more

Little Steps Asia Interview – Coping With Covid Fatigue ft. MindnLife


Looking after our mental health and supporting family and friends as we navigate our way through the pandemic is crucial – but it can be difficult sometimes with restrictions placed on our lives, particularly if we haven’t been able to see family overseas. Let us introduce to you our guest – Dr. Zaidi, owner of … Read more

Navigating Bereavement during the Festive Period and Covid-19 Restrictions


Grief during the Holidays Holiday festivities are the times we usually gather with our loved ones to celebrate and create memories. This can make grief and bereavement feel more tangible, intense, and harder to navigate. The ongoing Covid-19 health measures may augment our distress by interrupting our familiar ways of grieving.   How can we cope with … Read more

Couples and COVID: How Couples can Manage the Holidays


Intimacy during the Holidays The holidays are usually when people come together to celebrate, connect and bond with other family members and friends. However, here in Hong Kong, we are still experiencing travel restrictions and challenges due to the coronavirus. Therefore what can typically be a stressful time of year is made even more challenging. … Read more

A Preventative Approach to Mental Health: Five Ways to Bring Self-Care into your Life

mental health

Preventative Model  Our current health model is reactive rather than preventative. The notion that many health issues can be prevented through daily habits and lifestyle changes isn’t exclusive to physical health. Mental health exists on a continuum and works similarly to physical fitness levels. The more preventative measures you take, the more equipped your coping … Read more

Trauma and the Internet (Part 2)

The internet has made the world smaller. Now, tragic incidents that occur halfway across the globe, are easily accessible through news reports, video platforms, social media, and live streams. Increased access to information from around the world has many benefits, including giving us a deeper sense of connectedness, and a broader view of the world. … Read more

The Discipline Dilemma

Dr. Quratulain Zaidi  of MindNLife looks at society’s tendency to normalise the act of disciplining children by spanking them, and how we as parents can do better. “Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation.” This quote by prominent health administrator C Everett Koop reflects my own strong … Read more