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Will Divorce Affect My Child’s Sense of Security?

Will Divorce Affect My Child

It is common for people to stay together for their children. They fear that their child might come from a broken home. These ideas do make sense; divorce can be considered an adverse childhood experience. However, sometimes, getting a divorce is the safer option for your child. Domestic violence, abuse, neglect, and parental conflict can … Read more

Future proofing your marriage from grey divorce

Future proofing your marriage

It’s been about a decade since Brown’s research popularised the term “grey divorce” to describe this phenomenon – something that used to be a rarity, but now has become much more common. “Well over a third of people who are getting divorced now are over the age of 50.” More than one in three people … Read more

Yes, it’s Possible to Leave a Narcissist

If you’re dating a narcissist, you might be experiencing narcissistic abuse. Leaving an abusive relationship is far from easy, as abusers will do anything to maintain the power and control they need. Research shows it takes an average of seven attempts to leave an abusive relationship, and at times leaving a narcissist can seem impossible. … Read more

Narcissism In Relationships: Everything You Need to Know

Dr. Quratulain Zaidi on signs that point towards your significant other being a narcissist. Dating a narcissist can be dangerous territory, as it can lead to narcissistic abuse in extreme cases. While just about anyone can display narcissistic behaviour from time to time, for someone to be diagnosed with true narcissist personality disorder (NPD) they … Read more

How can we break repetitive cycles of relationship conflict?


Dr. Esslin Terrighena explores why we may get stuck in repetitive arguments with our partners, despite our best intentions to break these patterns:   Where does relationship conflict come from? We tend to see the same conflicts in relationships repeat over time. In other words, our partner’s behaviour may trigger us again and again. This … Read more

Couples and COVID: How Couples can Manage the Holidays


Intimacy during the Holidays The holidays are usually when people come together to celebrate, connect and bond with other family members and friends. However, here in Hong Kong, we are still experiencing travel restrictions and challenges due to the coronavirus. Therefore what can typically be a stressful time of year is made even more challenging. … Read more