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RTHK Interview: Working From Home During Covid 19

Hosted by Jim Gould and Mike Rowse, RTHK’s Working Remotely; Government’s Clean-up Campaign episode in August featured MindnLife’s owner Dr. Zaidi. The episode was produced following an online survey conducted by the APA, which surveyed 1,000 remote workers in Hong Kong between March 26 and April 5 last year. The majority of employees working from … Read more

The Benefits of Sexual Self Care

sexual_self care

Taking care of the whole self  It’s common these days to hear about self care and how one should value it. But what is self care? One definition is that it’s taking care of the whole self. It can include several different aspects, such as the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental parts of ourselves. However, … Read more

A Preventative Approach to Mental Health: Five Ways to Bring Self-Care into your Life

mental health

Preventative Model  Our current health model is reactive rather than preventative. The notion that many health issues can be prevented through daily habits and lifestyle changes isn’t exclusive to physical health. Mental health exists on a continuum and works similarly to physical fitness levels. The more preventative measures you take, the more equipped your coping … Read more

Self-care Strategies to Manage Childhood Trauma

childhood trauma

Childhood Trauma and Self-Care Childhood trauma is our reaction to deeply distressing experiences that overwhelm our physical and mental coping abilities as children. Traumatic experiences activate a fight or flight response. During these reactions, our brain directs our resources to enhance our immediate physical performance. It gives us the best chance at survival. After the … Read more

How To Use Self-Compassion as a Form of Self-Care


Healing through Self-Compassion “I’m going to fail; I just know it,” Andrea thought to herself before she started preparing for her exam. Then, her anxiety started to worsen, and she struggled to focus.  Even though Andrea had done well in school, she always felt like she wasn’t good enough.   Andrea had just gotten out of … Read more