RTHK Interview: Working From Home During Covid 19

Hosted by Jim Gould and Mike Rowse, RTHK’s Working Remotely; Government’s Clean-up Campaign episode in August featured MindnLife’s owner Dr. Zaidi.

The episode was produced following an online survey conducted by the APA, which surveyed 1,000 remote workers in Hong Kong between March 26 and April 5 last year. The majority of employees working from home say they experienced negative mental health impacts, including isolation, loneliness and difficulty getting away from work at the end of the day. Over half of respondents reported having taken a “mental health day” since they started working from home. Roughly half said the pandemic had interrupted their sleep patterns, and 45% said they feel less mentally healthy as a result of working from home. Another study done by researchers at the Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute found that many participants reported feelings of isolation and loneliness and poor work-life balance. Although benefits were found, they were largely short-term and did not offset the harm caused by remote working.

Listen to the episode here. Book your appointment with Dr. Zaidi here.

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