Chartered Psychologist (BPS)
Registered Psychotherapist (BACP)

Dr. Esslin Terrighena specialises in working with adults and teens 16+ dealing with trauma, mood disorders, anxiety and personality disorders. She speaks fluent German and English.

She helps those who have faced abuse, neglect, grief, anxiety, depression, attachment issues, chronic pain or even armed conflict and is one of the few therapists in Hong Kong qualified for in depth complex trauma treatment.

Dr. Terrighena is extensively trained to practice psychotherapy from a variety of empirically proven therapeutic interventions that are focused on depth perspective. Her primary therapy mode is based on an integration of Schema and EMDR Therapy, with additional tools from Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and Emotion Efficacy Therapy (EET). She is a certified grief counsellor.

This approach stems from Dr. Terrighena’s passionate belief about cohesively enhancing mental health in society. She concentrates on balancing the four pillars of mental health namely, thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and physiology.

In addition to her private practice, Dr. Terrighena facilitates interactive, experiential workshops for private groups and corporates as well as provides mental health education. As a highly revered specialist in the field of mental health, she is widely published in both the scientific community and in popular media.

Her qualifications include a B.Sc. Hons. in Psychology (UK), Master of Counselling (Australia), and Ph.D. in Emotional Neuropsychology (Hong Kong).

Dr Terrighena maintains professional memberships in the British Psychological Society (BPS), the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), the Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS) and the Psychotherapy Society of Hong Kong (PSHK).