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Online Therapy: How to Get the Most out of It

Online therapy can feel unfamiliar and challenging to navigate. However, research shows that online consultations can be as effective, or even in some cases more effective, than in-person sessions. For more information on effectiveness, check out our blogpost by clicking here. Below are a few ways to get the most out of your e-therapy experience.


Set up your Therapy Space

Our brains react to context. For example, repeatedly using the same area to do focused work can train our brains to go into a focused state of mindwhenever we enter this area. Vice versa,areas we relax in regularly can automatically put our brains into relaxation mode. Thus, we may find it hard to work effectively in spaces we relax in and hard to relax in spaces we work in.


The same goes for therapy. Online therapy gives us the opportunity to create our own therapy space in which we feel familiar, safe, and comfortable. Ideally, find a space away from your usual activities, especially work. This can be a separate room or even just a small separate space in a larger room. It can be helpful to add items to this area that help to put us intoa reflective, soothed, or cosy mindset. This can include tissues, blankets, journals, soft lighting, pillows, and more.


If you are unable to find a separate space, little adjustments can also do the trick. Try sitting in a different position at your desk or even on the floor. Swap out of your work clothes into more a more comfortable attire. Make yourself a cup of tea you would not usually drink or wrap yourself up in your favourite blanket. Spray a specific fragrance prior to each therapy session. Our brains will take note of particular routines we set around therapy, and this will help us to get into the therapeutic mindset.

Dr. Esslin Terrighena specialises in working with adults and teens 16+ dealing with trauma, mood disorders, anxiety and personality disorders. Read the full Online Therapy: How to Get the Most out of It article here.

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