The Diversity List 2020: Women’s Voices

MindNLife is beyond proud to have our founder, Dr. Quratulain Zaidi, among The Zubin Foundation’s Diversity List 2020. The fifth list since it launch, this year’s theme is focused on Women’s Voices and the need to increase the representation of ethnic minorities in decision-making positions. Thus, the government can appoint anyone in the list to serve on 36 government advisory committees.

Among the 24 smart, passionate and talented women in the list is Dr. Zaidi, who has extensive experience working with children, adults, families and couples. In Hong Kong, she is a well respected expert in mental health and a well sought-after speaker at conferences.

Her voluntary contributions to Hong Kong including providing mental health support to the Urdu-speaking community in Hong Kong and pro bono supervision for the Ethnic Minority Well-being Center were among the reasons she was selected for the list.

Members of the list were selected based on a set of criteria, which include significant experience in the are of their work; demonstrates commitment to serving Hong Kong; and they must have achieved a certain standing in their position. All of which are qualities Dr. Zaidi posses.

Learn more about The Zubin Foundation and Dr. Zaidi in this video.

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