8 Ways to Stress-Proof Your Family from the Pressures of Expat Life

One’s life is heavily influenced by the city they live in. When you live in a fast-paced and busy city like Hong Kong, it is imperative to strike a balance for you and your family’s mental wellbeing.

“When those of us lacking a good support network encounter challenges, managing low moods can suddenly become much harder. This is a common issue among expats of all ages, who may feel isolated from friends and family back home. Mental health concerns are more common than you might think; around 25 per cent of us experience issues at some point. Issues including self-harm, eating disorders, substance abuse and depressive episodes can occur in children and teens, which is obviously of great concern to parents. Unfortunately, there is still a stigma attached to mental illness, and it is often incorrectly perceived as a weakness.”

Read the full Expat Living article and gain valuable tips on keeping the pressures of expat life at bay here.

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