A study last year in Hong Kong found that 14% of teenagers aged 13-18 suffer from severe or extremely severe depression.

This month in the South China Morning Post – Young Post, Dr. Zaidi gives practical advice on how you can support a friend suffering from depression. She emphasises that while it is important to try and empathise with how your friend is feeling, you must also look after yourself and recognise how your friend’s mood impacts upon you.

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Dr. Quratulain Zaidi

Dr. Quratulain Zaidi (BSc. Hons, MSc, MSc, PhD) is a mother and a member of the British Psychological Society and British Association Counselling & Psychotherapy and abides by the Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychology. She has lived in Hong Kong and Singapore for 12 years. She specialises in assisting families with issues including parenting, teen issues, Cybersafety, marriage guidance, post natal depression, stress and anxiety disorders, depression, bullying, eating disorders, OCD and self-harm. She is an expert in educational assessments and learning challenges in children, for example ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia and ASD.