This month, Dr. Kristin Zeising, MindnLife’s certified sex therapist, speaks to SCMP and gives her views on how to help you get in the mood, explains the differences in spontaneous and responsive desire, and also highlights the importance of maintenance sex.

There are different ways to feel turned on and be “in the mood”. As Dr. Zeising points out “If you treat sex like a menu, where there are many different ways to be sensual, erotic and sexual, there may be other behaviours that can be pleasurable without having to engage in sexual intercourse or having to feel ‘on’. Remember, sex is not just intercourse and performance. It’s way more broad than that; it’s whatever you find pleasurable.”

You can view the full article in the South China Morning Post by clicking here.

Dr. Kristin Zeising is a registered clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist with MindnLife in Hong Kong. Contact MindnLife today and find out how we can help you.