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MindNLife is a private psychology practice for the whole family.


Trauma and Covid-19

Trauma is our response to deeply distressing events that overwhelm our coping abilities. The global Covid-19 pandemic has brought about world-wide trauma, through the continuous

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Sex and the Internet

When the internet became available, millions of people now had access to information that they normally would not have. They could explore all sorts of

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Trauma and the Internet

Repeated exposure to violent news reports, videos, and images on media platforms can trigger both direct and vicarious trauma responses. Direct trauma describes our experience

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The Impact of Isolation

DR QURATULAIN ZAIDI of MindNLife looks at the mental challenges arising from the pandemic – in particular, for those facing quarantine – and where we might turn for some relief.

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On Trauma

Trauma is an experience we go through when we are faced with an event that is deeply distressing and overwhelms our coping abilities. This experience

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