Mindful Parenting Workshop

Change the way you parent and change your life (and your kids’ lives)!
Happy – Healthy – Different
Parenting in the 21st century has unique challenges and over the course of 6 weeks we discuss how we can help our children overcome these obstacles, by developing their sense of responsibility, perseverance, self esteem, and self regulation by giving them a stable emotional platform from which to face and solve problems.
Mindful Parenting Workshop
Join Dr. Zaidi (BSc. Hons, MSc, MSc, PhD) for the Mindful Parenting group workshop as she guides parents through the emotional hurdles that young children now face, and explains how to equip kids with the tools they need to:

  • Regulate their emotions
  • Respond, Rather than React
  • Focus and Concentrate
  • Improve relationships with peers and siblings

How parents can:

  • Understand their style of parenting
  • Create healthy Sleeping and Eating Habits
  • Create mindful space for stress-free moments
  • Create positive nurturing relationships

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Duration: 6 sessions over 6 weeks (every Friday)
Price: HK$4,800 per participant (for 6 sessions)
Venue: MindnLife, Suite 1202, Chinachem Hollywood Centre, 1 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

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Testimonials from Recent Workshops
After two previous parenting courses and countless parenting books I can finally say I have found an approach that works. Not only has the relationship with my children changed in so many positive ways but my outlook on parenting is different and hopeful. This course has not only given me parental guidance but techniques I can use everyday. Thank you
H.P. - Mother of Two Children

This was a genuinely helpful course, and one of the few I’ve taken that has actually shown me how to adapt my own behaviours around my kids in a way that benefits all of us and is actually achievable and sustainable. I feel calmer around my kids, and I notice my own (over-)reactions, so I can nip them in the bud. The guided meditations are extremely helpful for life in general, not just parenting. Overall, I truly recommend this course.
B.E. - Lawyer and Mother of Two Girls 11 and 9

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