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Checking In On Mental Health in Relationships

May, mental health awareness month, reminds us to check up on our mental health and reflect on how our relationships are faring. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but it’s important to check in on the well-being of your relationship with your partner so you can address any issues that may be lurking under … Read more

Managing Mental Health After Trauma

When the safety and well-being of ourselves or our loved ones are threatened, we go into survival mode. This may involve overwhelming feelings, dulled thoughts, adrenaline rushes, and rapid fight-flight reactions. Even when we have made it to safety, the sheer intensity of the traumatic situation may leave us struggling with the aftermath, triggering persistent … Read more

SCMP Article: Stuck in quarantine? Forget Being An Adult and Do Something Just For Fun

Checking into quarantine is not an experience many look forward to. Often, quarantine can be exhausting, and we may feel drained, overwhelmed or anxious being away from our loved ones. Dr Quratulain Zaidi shares how new activities and having fun may actually boost productivity, making quarantine just a bit more bearable.   Having fun during … Read more

How Creativity and Innovation Can Support Your Healing Journey

Healing from-creativity-and-innovation

EMDR Francine Shapiro created eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).  One day as she was walking and thinking, she noticed that her eyes were shifting back and forth, from left to right.   As her eyes moved, she felt less negative emotion when remembering her distressing memories.  She became curious and developed a therapy that … Read more

What if, what if, what if…coping with stress, anxiety and overwhelm


Anxiety and what we can do to cope Stress and anxiety can be motivating and healthy in just the right amount. Think of it as a well-being scale. Too little stress and we don’t get anything done. Yet too much pressure keeps our nervous system on a drive without any brakes. When our bodies undergo … Read more

How to Communicate Our Sexual Needs with Our Partner


Communication  We all hear about how important it is to communicate our needs to our partners, but it’s not always easy to know exactly how to. Expressing your sexual needs can be even more of a challenging task. Sexual communication is a skill, and it’s a skill that’s learned; it’s not innate. And like with … Read more

How Setting Healthy Boundaries Supports Your Wellbeing


Holiday Pressure Anna had decided this year she would not visit her family for the holidays. She knew for sure that she would be hearing about this for a while from her parents. She could hear it now, “How could you do this to me!” Her mom would shout. “You are so ungrateful. I have done … Read more

Navigating Bereavement during the Festive Period and Covid-19 Restrictions


Grief during the Holidays Holiday festivities are the times we usually gather with our loved ones to celebrate and create memories. This can make grief and bereavement feel more tangible, intense, and harder to navigate. The ongoing Covid-19 health measures may augment our distress by interrupting our familiar ways of grieving.   How can we cope with … Read more

A Preventative Approach to Mental Health: Five Ways to Bring Self-Care into your Life

mental health

Preventative Model  Our current health model is reactive rather than preventative. The notion that many health issues can be prevented through daily habits and lifestyle changes isn’t exclusive to physical health. Mental health exists on a continuum and works similarly to physical fitness levels. The more preventative measures you take, the more equipped your coping … Read more