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Living Abroad under COVID-19: How to Enjoy a Festive Season

living abroad during holidays

Time flies. The year 2021 is almost over, and believe it or not, we are nearly 2 years into COVID-19 — we know it has been tough, great applause to all of you who have stayed strong all this time. The experience must have been even more stressful for those who are geographically isolated from their … Read more

A Preventative Approach to Mental Health: Five Ways to Bring Self-Care into your Life

mental health

Preventative Model  Our current health model is reactive rather than preventative. The notion that many health issues can be prevented through daily habits and lifestyle changes isn’t exclusive to physical health. Mental health exists on a continuum and works similarly to physical fitness levels. The more preventative measures you take, the more equipped your coping … Read more

Tired? Sore? Inflamed? It might be your mental health

mental health

How our mental health is connected with physical symptoms Helena often felt like she had a chest infection. Her lungs felt tight, and she gasped for air. Was she suffering from pneumonia? When she visited the medical doctor, all her tests seemed to be normal. The doctor asked her, “What else is going on in your … Read more