Registered Clinical Psychologist | HK

Specializes in Addictions, Children and Adolescents, Elderly, Educational Assessments

Ms. Verma has over 25 years of experience in working with children, teens, adults, elderly and families for a variety of mental health needs. She brings with her wealth of knowledge and expertise to work with children and teens in areas of depression and anxiety, trauma, substance use disorders, self- harm, sleep and eating disorders and moderate to severe personality disorders. In addition to this Ms Verma is well versed in supporting personal growth for children and teens in areas such as confidence building, time management, executive functioning, concentration building for ADHD challenges, self-esteem, bullying, relational issues and academic performance. She is trained in Grief Counselling and Palliative care and is experienced in working with elderly population.

In her practice Ms.Verma uses tailormade therapeutic framework for her clients based on Psychoanalysis, CBT and Humanistic-Existential with additional tools from Psychoeducation, Motivational Interview , Integrated Body-Mind-Spirit , EMDR, DBT, Schema Therapy . She can ably strengthen her clients towards corrective emotional experience, cognitive restructuring, and adaptation of new behaviors. She is certified in Motivational Interview (MI) techniques and is currently under supervision to be a motivational interview network trainer.

She is a member of American Psychological Association (APA), Hongkong Professional Counseling Association (HPCA), Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS) and EMDR Association of Hong Kong.

Ms Verma has broad experience of eastern and western cultures, she has studied, worked and lived in India, USA, Shanghai. She has made Hong Kong her home for the past 8 years. She has working experience in various settings for mental health including schools, multi disciplinary teams and private practice. Her passion for learning and growth continues, despite having various Masters qualifications she is currently enrolled in a doctorate program in Clinical Psychology.