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Perinatal Anxiety: Signs and Support

A state of distress or anxiety considered distinct from other anxious states. Perinatal anxiety primarily relates to worries about the baby’s health, and one’s own experiences related to pregnancy and child birth. According to the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), women are more likely to develop depression and anxiety during the … Read more

When to leave a toxic relationship and how to avoid dating similar people so you can find someone who recognises your true worth

Toxic relationships can often lead to trauma like depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Even the happiest relationships can turn sour and result in constant conflict. According to Dr Zaidi, no one should ever tolerate such toxicity. These kinds of relationships are harmful to all parties involved and can cause lasting damage even long after it’s … Read more

How internet trolls affect victims’ mental health and tips to combat them

It’s hard to imagine life without the internet. But while the online world provides many benefits, one of its biggest drawbacks is trolls. The army of keyboard cowards who sit behind their desks and fire off hate. Trolling is a form of cyberbullying that can damage victims’ mental health and even lead to suicide. And … Read more

Anger management for couples – how to defuse the inevitable conflicts that coronavirus lockdowns are spurring on

Conflict and anger are natural in any relationship. But when the parties involved don’t know how to manage, contain or neutralise these suppressed emotions, these bottled-up feelings more often than not lead to anger. Many family and relationship counsellors have now reported an increase in couples’ conflicts and anger issues at home. Find out how … Read more

Why trailing spouses have it tough – stress, depression, loss of identity – and how to turn it into opportunity

Expats are prone to what is called TSS or ‘trailing spouse syndrome’. TSS is the result of many challenges trailing spouses face to support their partners who are moving to a new city or country for their jobs. The trailing spouse practically leaves behind almost everything including their jobs, friends and sense of identity. With … Read more