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What to do when kids make bad jokes

We’ve all been there, a child makes a joke with words they don’t seem to understand and then the room is blanketed a few degrees warmer with silence and awkward eye contact. Sometimes it’s a simple toilet joke taken too far, but other times language far more sinister is utilised and everyone is left feeling … Read more

Tatler article – Hong Kong Psychologist Defines Good Mental Wellbeing

Hong Kong-Psychologist-defines-good-mental-health

What is good mental health and how do you define it? Measuring mental health is trickier than measuring other types of health—one’s physical health status can be determined by a series of biological tests. Mental health and mental wellbeing, however, are a bit trickier. Feelings can be hard to recognise for some people, and the … Read more

Relationships during a pandemic and the importance of maintaining them


The world hasn’t looked the same since early 2020. When life just started to return to some level of ‘normalcy’ in 2021, coronavirus showed us just how adaptable it could be with a new variant that brought with it different lockdown regulations here in Hong Kong. But the pandemic has also forced us to adapt … Read more

Understanding child therapy to better support your child’s needs


Three Differences about Child Therapy The process of child therapy has many distinct differences from that of adult therapy, and in order to better support someone going through child therapy, it is important to understand it.  If you are considering child therapy, or your young person has asked to speak to a therapist, here are … Read more

Understanding Anxiety

As the world has become far more familiar with talking about mental health (thank you global pandemic), it is important that we understand the concept of words and diagnoses that are spoken about. Many people will use the words “anxiety” and “depression” as somewhat of an umbrella term to describe a bad day. Both diagnoses … Read more

Understanding Anxiety

Since Covid-19 has taken over daily life, health and social anxiety has been on the rise as we adjust to a new way of living and adapt to our online world. Called, “The Shadow Pandemic”, mental health is being focused on with much more intensity than ever before. The stigma is coming off mental health … Read more