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Checking In On Mental Health in Relationships

May, mental health awareness month, reminds us to check up on our mental health and reflect on how our relationships are faring. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but it’s important to check in on the well-being of your relationship with your partner so you can address any issues that may be lurking under … Read more

Stepping Away From Resentment in Your Relationship

Sometimes you can become so frustrated and resentful with your partner that it may seem easier to just end the relationship. You may feel like you can no longer tolerate your loved one’s behaviour and see no way to fix it. So you ponder the idea of leaving. However, there is another way to move … Read more

How to Communicate Our Sexual Needs with Our Partner


Communication  We all hear about how important it is to communicate our needs to our partners, but it’s not always easy to know exactly how to. Expressing your sexual needs can be even more of a challenging task. Sexual communication is a skill, and it’s a skill that’s learned; it’s not innate. And like with … Read more

Sex and the Internet

When the internet became available, millions of people now had access to information that they normally would not have. They could explore all sorts of sexual content online and become involved in virtual relationships. There were chat rooms, videos and instant messaging one could participate in, just to name a few. All of a sudden, … Read more

What is a Sex Therapy Session?

In my previous post, “What Is Sex Therapy”, I described what a sex therapist is and the conditions sex therapy can treat. Here I’d like to share the process in which a sex therapist assesses a client and how sex therapy actually works. Initially, you’ll meet me at the MindnLife office for either 50 minutes for … Read more

Giving Love A Second Chance

Some couples get back together, no matter how messy their times had been, because there is still love between them. It is no secret that reconciliation has its challenges, it is not the end of things. It takes two to tango – and two people to repair a relationship. I shared insights and tips with … Read more


In her final post for SCMP’s Naked Truth Column, Dr. Zeising discusses the issues of sexual dysfunction in women. An estimated 25-50% of women suffer from a loss of sexual interest, however the topic is still poorly understood and not widely discussed. Dr. Zeising explains the reasons why this may happen to you and also … Read more