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Treating Depression: Which One Works Best?

Depression is a serious mental illness that plagues a lot of individuals. Sometimes, people don’t even know they are suffering from depression. Undiagnosed, it can spiral into more serious conditions. Nowadays, there’s a lot of treatment options for depression – from psychological therapy to medications, to electroconvulsive therapy. I was interviewed by the South China … Read more

Raising Grounded Children in Hong Kong

It’s easy to let our kids indulge in Hong Kong, what with all the access to shops, technologies, entertainment and attractions. Everything is practically within reach, it’s a challenge for every parent in Hong Kong to raise their grounded children. I spoke to Expat Living and shared tips on instilling values to keep kids from … Read more


Divorce is never easy. Ending ties with someone you vowed to live with and love for the rest of your life is not a walk in the park. While some couple end up their marriage amicably, the opposite can also happen. In some instances, extreme emotions like anger and hatred towards each other is also … Read more

Hong Kong-raised teen who’s never been on Facebook or Instagram so she ‘can have the best life’

Social media has its perks in that it connects people from anywhere without being physically present. However, that absence of human interaction also impacts how children and teens build empathy and compassion. I was interviewed by the South China Morning Post to share my thoughts on how excessive use social media is linked to depression … Read more

Are You Happy Living in Hong Kong?

Wherever you choose to live, it’s important that you are happy where you are. Living in the city, especially major cities, have its challenges. Hong Kong is not immune to that. Living in Hong Kong, while it has its perks, also has its challenges. With what has been happening in recent history, it’s not surprising … Read more


It’s challenging enough for married couples to move to any new city, and Hong Kong is no different. If expat couples are not vigilant enough to recognise the pitfalls of living in Hong Kong, this can lead to divorce. I spoke to Expat Living to examine these pressures and offered advice on how to overcome … Read more


There’s always a struggle for families with children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. Because children with ADHD’s brains are wired differently, conflicts among family members arise when they do not know how to properly manage their children’s behaviours. These problems can be better handled with better understanding of ADHD. In this Expat … Read more


Eating Disorder due to social media

Social Media ‘recovery accounts’ offering eating disorder support should not replace professional help – an expert’s advice From selfies and motivational quotes to photos and videos of meals and gym workouts, Instagram offers a variety of posts that support recovery from an eating disorder or ED. While a 2016 study showed being a part of … Read more