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Reunification therapy is beneficial, even when it isn’t court-ordered

Reunification therapy is best known as a court-ordered therapy for children who have been separated from one of their parents. However, reunification therapy does not need to be court-ordered. It can be helpful to heal families who have been separated from one another. Some common ways that children get separated from one of their parents … Read more

Staying Motivated

Losing motivation is not at all uncommon. However, staying unmotivated can break our otherwise smooth path to reaching our goals, or dampen our spirits so we are just stuck. So what motivates us and how to we stay motivated? Here’s a good read from South China Morning Post where I expounded on what motivation, and … Read more

Covid-19 Toll on Marriages

They say that “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Time apart can indeed make you long for your significant other. But, what if it’s the other way around? That because of the Corona virus, we are forced to stay most of our times indoors? The fear of getting infected with the virus alone is stressful … Read more

Helping Your Child Handle Bullying

Bullying has increasingly been a serious concern for every parent. The effects of childhood bullying can have a negative, long-term impact on the wellbeing of a growing child. Because bullying can come in different forms, some instances can be dismissed as just kids play. Learn more about bullying and how you can help your children … Read more

Treating Depression: Which One Works Best?

Depression is a serious mental illness that plagues a lot of individuals. Sometimes, people don’t even know they are suffering from depression. Undiagnosed, it can spiral into more serious conditions. Nowadays, there’s a lot of treatment options for depression – from psychological therapy to medications, to electroconvulsive therapy. I was interviewed by the South China … Read more